LTE-U and Harm Claim Thresholds

There will be more to come from me on this subject, a lot more.

For right now, here a link to today’s ISP Radio show where I appeared with Jack Unger to talk about the potential impact of LTE-Unlicensed on WISPs and a new spectrum policy concept called Harm Claim Thresholds that could change the way WISPs utilize spectrum.

(Just click on the archive link and download the December 11, 2014 show link.)



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  1. Ray Taylor,

    LTE-U wont end up just in stadiums.
    In New Zealand we have ISP’s that are both DSL broadband providers, and Cellular operators.
    This means that with our national fibre-to-the-door network being installed over the next 5 years, they will be integrating LTE-U into the free home routers that they issue.
    This means they can effectively blanket a city for a few extra dollars with the CPE equipment and suddenly have gigabits of extra capacity. The 5gig monthly data plans can suddenly become much larger so they can compete against us on both the data caps marketing front -and- on the spectrum front.

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