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As you can tell from the sparseness of my posts here, I have not been devoting a lot of time to writing.   Like many WISPs, my business is evolving rapidly and there has been a constant cycle of equipment upgrades and repairs, far too much winter weather for my tastes and all of the other assorted trials and tribulations that small businesses face.   However, I have finally reached a point where I feel like I can take some time off and work on other things, so I am going to tackle something I have wanted to do for a long time.

I am writing a book about Wireless Internet Service Providers.

I am going to tell the story about how I became a WISP, the people I have met along the way, the amazing things that WISPs have done and what I think the future holds.   I have not written anything over about 20 pages and my college journalism classes are a distant memory, but I am going to get on with it and see how far I can get.   I will most likely share a few excerpts here and I would certainly welcome stories from others that are in the WISP business.

I appreciate everyone who has been reading this and am looking forward to this new project!



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  1. Chris Berlin,

    I have been looking at purchasing a relatively substantial WISP in a rural community from a family that is only forced to sell because of personal reasons. Not knowing much at all about this industry I got on the net and have to say that your articles have given me the inspiration and enthusiasm to move forward.

    You have a great flair to your writing style! Too bad I don’t see a consultancy link on your page!:)

    Keep it up and thanks for your contribution to helping people get into this industry.

    Chris Berlin

  2. Mark K,

    I’m someone you know and hate well…

    But I’m glad to see you write it. The entrepreneurial spirit seems to be extremely lacking today in far too much of our population. I hope it inspires some.

  3. If you know anything about technical service, you will notice that Firenet bounces their internet connection off of a cell phone tower. This must mean that they share bandwidth with cell phone communication services. I say that because Firenet is the most unreliable source of internet I hve ever used. I have seent he ping vary from .37mbps to 3,000mbps… meaning it is unreliable and it just is bad bad bad. Also the download that I paid for is 1mbps which is guarnteed. I reach it most of the time, but there is that chance every five minutes that the service just shots off completely. This is the worst excuse for ISP (internet service provider) I have ever seen. Go buy dial up at 28kbs from vontage for better results. True talk from a college graduate techie

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