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Great Net Neutrality Article!

Network management is a key ingredient in the successful operation of a broadband network. Taking away the ability to manage network traffic would lead to catastrophic failures on all broadband networks

Fixed Wireless Under Fire as the Net Neutrality War Heats Up

Fixed wireless providers are now under attack as indications are that the upcoming FCC will be granting an exception for mobile broadband providers to manage their networks, but intend to put fixed wireless operators under the same restrictions on network management as wireline network operators.   Treating fiber and wireless the same is going to create [...]

Spectrum and Charlie Brown’s Football

My good friend and WISPA co-founder John Scrivner recently shared an email on his frustration with the FCC and their predilection for spectrum auctions.
Now that they are talking about spectrum auctions for some of the TV Whitespace spectrum that will be vacated by TV Broadcasters, I kind of feel like Charlie Brown and the Football….

Gaining [...]