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Resilient Communities – An Amazing Idea

I look at the idea of Resilient Communities as an insurance policy and an investment. Building up local resources and supporting those resources reduces the amount of money flowing out of communities and improves our chances of maintaining a decent quality of life if/when any of the global networks that we are so dependent on suffers a major malfunction.

Fixed Wireless and Mobile Wireless are NOT the Same

There is one important thing to keep in mind about wireless. There is a quantum leap of capacity difference between MOBILE wireless and FIXED wireless, and too many fail to make the distinction.

A Note I Had to Share

Here is note we received from one of our Medicine Bow customers that I had to share:
Message:I really want to thank you for coming to Medicine Bow, WY.
Early this morning I was ablt to have a webcamera call from my son, a US Marine on deployment. It was wonderful to be able to see [...]

How Much is Enough?

What gets lost in these discussions of “how far behind the U.S. is” with regard to broadband penetration, is how much is really needed to be useful, rather than what the market observers, academics and even the customers think.