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DSL has Jumped the Shark

I came to the conclusion about six months ago that the current generation of commonly used wireless gear (Motorola Canopy and 802.11a/g based gear) is already providing equivalent or better speeds than the DSL that is generally available in the US.

Broadband Mapping

Before I start my rant, I would like to make it clear that I am all for the collection of data about broadband penetration so that government and private enterprise can make intelligent decisions. But I expect a better standard of collection methodology and consideration for private enterprise than what we are getting.
Case [...]

Why Broadband is Important

Eric Cecil posted this email on the Cybertel mailling list this morning, and I thought that is was such an eloquent and perfect illustration of the need for and potential uses of broadband that it should be shared with everyone.    Thanks Eric!
(Broadband) is about the freedom to be entirely independent of form of
business while having [...]

2000 Customers!

The reason that 2000 customers is special is because that is generally regarded in the WISP business as the number of customers needed to be self sufficient and maintainable indefinitely.

First Broadband Stimulus Money Hits Nebraska (for Mapping)

For all of its shortcomings, it is good to see that the mapping efforts are moving ahead, because putting taxpayer money out to compete with private providers that are already providing broadband is never a good idea.