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Rural Broadband, Picture Essay

I awoke to a beautiful day today, with that special kind of appreciation for nice weather that native Midwesterners have.    We live through four seasons and all the joys and hazards that each one brings, so it is especially nice when we get a breezy, temperate day that is perfect for doing things outside in [...]

What A Broadband Market SHOULD Look Like

I think it would be instructive to take a look at a place where there is robust private competition in broadband.
On the Western border of Nebraska, just across the line from Wyoming, is Scottsbluff/Gering.    Scottsbluff/Gering has a population of 25,000 and broadband is available from ELEVEN different last-mile providers including:
1 [...]

State of the WISP Industry

Fiber is the end game, but fixed wireless is perfectly capable of standing in for several years while the business models for fiber deployments improve.

The WISP Manifesto

Brian Webster made the following statements in an email thread about WISPs and the government last week:
“Think about it as a politician for a moment:
Do you make spectrum available for free to give to a bunch of rag tag independent operators who don’t like to file their government compliance reports,
Do you listen to the lobbyist [...]

WISPA Operator of the Year Newspaper Article

Vistabeam was recently honored as the WISPA Operator of the Year for 2010. Here is an article from the Scottsbluff StarHerald about Vistabeam and how we have built the business.


We are rolling out a new advertising campaign focusing on the rural areas we serve.   I’m very happy with the direction that it is taking so far.

Nebraska Farm Kid Does Good

Since selling my first ISP, I had thought to myself that I had done pretty good for a dumb farm kid. But there is another one out there who has done even better.

Katrina, Five Years Later

It is now 5 years since Katrina hit New Orleans and changed the face of the Gulf Coast forever. One of the good things that came out of this disaster was the outstanding effort by wireless ISPs that came together to provide Internet and phone services to thousands of refugees from the storm. Mac Dearman stood at the center of that effort.

A Note I Had to Share

Here is note we received from one of our Medicine Bow customers that I had to share:
Message:I really want to thank you for coming to Medicine Bow, WY.
Early this morning I was ablt to have a webcamera call from my son, a US Marine on deployment. It was wonderful to be able to see [...]

2000 Customers!

The reason that 2000 customers is special is because that is generally regarded in the WISP business as the number of customers needed to be self sufficient and maintainable indefinitely.