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Starving the Beast

The best way to deal with bad behavior is to stop paying the players who are either not delivering what you want or are treating you poorly and either support the ones who are doing a better job or start your own. My own personal example is the way that the independent ISPs were treated […]

A Message from the Past

I came across this message that I sent out to our nascent WISPA list right after my father passed away. I thought it was worth sharing again.

WISPs to AT&T Customers – We Got This

Here is the message to AT&T from the 2000+ WISP operators around the US – “Don’t worry bro, we got this.”

WISPs vs Telcos

Random thoughts about the WISP industry on a Friday: The entire WISP industry is in many ways a giant collaborative project.   Many of the early WISP pioneers did not have any kind of background in RF or wireless communications.   The initial core of pioneers were independent ISPs that were disgusted with how the telcos […]

Broadband <> Rural Electrification

This simple difference in the economics of deployment enables WISPs to survive and prosper without government subsidies while landline operators are dependent on USF to maintain their wireline plants.

The Dangerous Obsession With Ultrabroadband and Clouds

A discussion on one of my wireless ISP mailling lists caught my attention and I thought it was worth sharing. — On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 11:28 PM, Ken Hohhof  wrote: So the government has to foster development of killer apps that need >100 Mbps Internet? —The response from my good friend John […]

10K Customers, The Old Fashioned Way!

Today I received a press release from Travis Johnson at Microserv, based in Idaho.   It is short enough that I will post it in its entirety: — Microserv, Inc. announced today that the company has reached a subscriber milestone by surpassing 10,000 active internet subscribers. This number of subscribers is an exciting number for privately […]

Bandwidth Caps – One Year Later

The money generated by UBB is helping us build a better network that can meet the needs of our customer base even as they double and triple their typical bandwidth utilization.

Cutting the Cord and Dropping the Dish

we have better content at our fingertips, a higher quality picture on the channels that we watch the most and a lot more enlightened approach to watching television.

Rural Broadband, Picture Essay

I awoke to a beautiful day today, with that special kind of appreciation for nice weather that native Midwesterners have.    We live through four seasons and all the joys and hazards that each one brings, so it is especially nice when we get a breezy, temperate day that is perfect for doing things outside in […]