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What A Broadband Market SHOULD Look Like

I think it would be instructive to take a look at a place where there is robust private competition in broadband.
On the Western border of Nebraska, just across the line from Wyoming, is Scottsbluff/Gering.    Scottsbluff/Gering has a population of 25,000 and broadband is available from ELEVEN different last-mile providers including:
1 [...]

Opening Comments from the USF Workshop

Here is a copy of the opening comments that I submitted for the panel that I participated in this morning.   Enjoy!
First of all, I’d like to thank the FCC for inviting the fixed wireless service providers industry to present at this panel.    On behalf of my over 2000 wireless ISP (WISP) colleagues, we thank you [...]

FCC USF Workshop on April 27

I will be appearing on the Broadband Technology panel at the FCC’s April 27th workshop on USF reform.  We will also be doing live demos of WISP networks blowing away LTE base stations in speed and latency.    I’m looking forward to that part!
Here are the details on how to watch or participate in the workshop [...]

UBB and the Nebraska Broadband Forum

we simply can’t afford to subsidize fiber networks everywhere right now and its not going to get done based on the current business models unless there is a mechanism to generate some kind of revenue from all of this additional usage

State of the WISP Industry

Fiber is the end game, but fixed wireless is perfectly capable of standing in for several years while the business models for fiber deployments improve.

Universal Slush Fund: Report shows 60% of USF Goes Directly into Telco Pockets!

Sounds like a real representative program of cooperation between the telcos and government bureaucracy.

The WISP Manifesto

Brian Webster made the following statements in an email thread about WISPs and the government last week:
“Think about it as a politician for a moment:
Do you make spectrum available for free to give to a bunch of rag tag independent operators who don’t like to file their government compliance reports,
Do you listen to the lobbyist [...]

Great Net Neutrality Article!

Network management is a key ingredient in the successful operation of a broadband network. Taking away the ability to manage network traffic would lead to catastrophic failures on all broadband networks

Spectrum and Charlie Brown’s Football

My good friend and WISPA co-founder John Scrivner recently shared an email on his frustration with the FCC and their predilection for spectrum auctions.
Now that they are talking about spectrum auctions for some of the TV Whitespace spectrum that will be vacated by TV Broadcasters, I kind of feel like Charlie Brown and the Football….

Gaining [...]

Fixed Wireless Surpassing DSL in Rural Areas? Yup!

While fixed wireless technology has evolved quickly into a reliable and much faster platform for broadband, DSL has languished, with little new evolution and dependency on the now obsolete copper plant limiting its utility.