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The WISP Tower

The WISP Tower is a tool that will enhance both of these features and open up many new possibilities for WISPs.

FCC OIAC Annual Report Released

The FCC released the OIAC Annual Report today.   I mention this because I represented WISPA on the OIAC and contributed to the Transparency and Mobile Broadband sections of the report.    Here is a link: I would be happy to answer any questions about the report or discuss topics of relevance from the report. Matt […]

The Finish Line is In Sight!

I spent some time today working on an equipment order and decided to run a report to see what upgrades we had left to do at any of our smaller tower sites to go along with the projects on our work schedule.    What I found was that I am about $17,000 and three months of […]

Free Public WIFI and Externalities

I have been digesting the discussions about open wifi access points and the recent Free Public Wifi debates that came up after Cecilia Kang’s Washington Post article and I think I finally came up with a good way to express my grave concerns with the idea. The continued use of inexpensive fossil fuels leads to […]

Talking Wireless ISPs on Gigabit Nation

Craig Settles does a weekly show about broadband in America called Gigabit Nation.   I will be his guest this week, talking about the roles of fixed wireless ISPs in the broadband ecosystem.   The show starts at noon, EST. Here is the link to the show I look forward to the comments and discussion tomorrow!

A Special Install

Yesterday, I went on a trip to Alliance, Nebraska to help install our first customer on a new access point.   This is not something that I do on a regular basis, but this one was pretty special to me and I think that the circumstances around this install, and the work that went into making […]

WISP White Paper Released Today

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog lately, mostly because I have been busy working on a white paper for WISPA that covers the advantages of fixed wireless providers and the tremendous value that WISPs bring to our country. I will be presenting on the paper today as the luncheon keynote speaker at WISPAPALOOZA, the […]

Silver Linings on Dark Clouds

It has been a difficult day today. Wednesday, an 8 year old girl that went to school at my son’s elementary school in Mitchell, Nebraska was reported missing.   This morning, her body was found on a ranch in the neighboring county and her stepfather was charged with first degree murder and child molestation.   Children go […]

Spotlight on Idaho

Idaho recently got a lot of attention after the New York Times published an article about how it has the slowest broadband speeds in the country.    I am sympathetic to the frustration of people who live in places where they do not have access to better broadband and are stuck with slow, overpriced satellite or […]

WISPs Deliver Where USF Fails

Broadband Illinois released a report today about the broadband supply in the state of Illinois.   The full report is available here: I have known about this report for a couple of weeks because I work with Brian Webster at Wireless Mapping on a few projects and he is one of the co-authors of this […]