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Wireless Cowboys – The Book!

It is still in progress, but I finally broke the six months of writers block and got in a solid three hours of writing tonight to catch up with the book timeline and fill in a few things I had bypassed. Just to show that I have actually written something, here is an excerpt. Thanks […]

It’s The Most Downloaded Day of The Year!

Over the last twenty years of working with Internet and related networks, I have observed many different usage patterns along with some interesting shifts in how people utilize their Internet connections. There are many peaks and valleys during the days and throughout the week, and one day of the year stands above all the rest […]

Fever for the Fiber!

When it comes to broadband access, there is a “fever for fiber” that has been overwhelming all other types of Internet access. Lately it seems that fiber networks make headline news for providing 1 Gigabit or even 10 Gigabit speed services to customers inside of their footprint. Near Ceresco, Nebraska, a farmer paid over $40,000 […]

BITAG Report on Differentiated Treatment of Internet Traffic

Hi all, A few years ago, I was invited to serve on BITAG – the Broadband Infrastructure Technology Advisory Group. BITAG ( is a group of engineers from multiple technology companies, carriers, public interest groups and educational institutions. The primary purpose of BITAG is to produce very detailed documents about complex issues in broadband that […]

Connected Everything – The Internet of Things

(Note:  I am writing a column for a local newsletter about technology, and decided to share what I write on the blog.   This is one of the first columns. – Matt) The Internet of Things (IOT) is one of the fastest growing trends in technology right now. Put simply, IOT is connectivity for nearly device […]

All Hail the Feudal Lords of our Data

A recent article by Bruce Schneier outlined many of the issues that have been bothering me about the relationships that we have with the companies that build and develop our smartphones, tablets, online applications and operating systems. I don’t have any Apple devices, but I spend much of my day using Google/Android, Windows and Facebook […]

LTE-U and Harm Claim Thresholds

There will be more to come from me on this subject, a lot more. For right now, here a link to today’s ISP Radio show where I appeared with Jack Unger to talk about the potential impact of LTE-Unlicensed on WISPs and a new spectrum policy concept called Harm Claim Thresholds that could change the […]

I Don’t Need a Gigabit at Home and Neither Do You

All of the discussions about “Gigabit Internet” and coming up with uses for it focuses too much on the American obsession with “bigger, faster, moar!” while obscuring what I feel are the more important issues of accessibility, affordability, choice of provider, freedom from data exploitation and dependency on the cloud.   To wit…. Accessibility – The […]

Writing Time…

As you can tell from the sparseness of my posts here, I have not been devoting a lot of time to writing.   Like many WISPs, my business is evolving rapidly and there has been a constant cycle of equipment upgrades and repairs, far too much winter weather for my tastes and all of the other […]

WISPs and Online Video

I did a series of phone interviews with Jimmy Schaeffler last month before the WISPAPALOOZA show.   The focus of his topic was how WISPs could take advantage of and help forward the cable-cutting movement by embracing online video.   Here is a link to a story that he recently published in Multichannel News about WISPs: […]