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Stop Selling Our Airwaves!

Pass a Spectrum Homesteading Act and let the free market flourish in building broadband access to 100% of Americans without a single penny of government subsidies.

Fixed Wireless Under Fire as the Net Neutrality War Heats Up

Fixed wireless providers are now under attack as indications are that the upcoming FCC will be granting an exception for mobile broadband providers to manage their networks, but intend to put fixed wireless operators under the same restrictions on network management as wireline network operators.   Treating fiber and wireless the same is going to create [...]


We are rolling out a new advertising campaign focusing on the rural areas we serve.   I’m very happy with the direction that it is taking so far.

Fixing Our Energy System from the Bottom Up

I’m going off-topic today from broadband, but I hope that you enjoy the diversion!
Just across the border from me and into Wyoming, there is a company that has designed an interesting vertical-axis wind turbine.   From the traditional industrial standpoint, the v-axis turbines are [...]